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Love ?

What is Love ?


  • Are you really in love or just infatuated?

  • Is your relationship worth pursuing?

  • Have you found real fulfillment in your relationship?

Wanna know what 'it' actually is?

Okay dear!

There is a popular saying - "It's love that makes the world go round". People are very involved and preoccupied with this four-letter word. With the absence of love in their lives, people feel unsatisfied and incomplete deep within and seek completeness in total by getting involved in love, infatuation, flirting or mindless dating.

Most people are often confused whether they are in "Love" or merely "infatuated".

How do you know you're in love?

  • Real love is selfless. People truly in love want the best for their partner. His/her own desires become secondary.

  • Love is based on a deep understanding of the other person. You get to know your partner better over a considerable period of time and under varying circumstances.

  • If your love is deep you will be able to accept the other person as he is… even his weakness.

  • You will try to give him/her your best and support the other through thick 'n thin.

  • Love is also tolerant and forgiving. You will be able to go through your lovers varying moods and forgive any human errors.

  • Love contributes a lot to each other's mental, emotional and spiritual growth. You will have the perseverance to make your relationship stronger.

  • Love is definitely patient. It will not push the other into a commitment nor will it be unreasonably demanding. Love can wait for a relationship to grow and blossom.

  • Love is confidence. If you are truly in love you will not feel insecure and jealous.

  • Love is respect and consideration. If you're really in love you will also have a great deal of respect for your partner's emotional and spiritual needs.

  • Love stands the test of time and adversity. If your relationship comes out of 'rain, hail and storm' unscathed you will get to know that you both are made for each other.

Many a times, in the new relationships we feel that we are in love but later we understand that it was infatuation.

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